A Successful 2020 Rally!

The 2020 Sail to the Sun ICW Rally had its challenges, the first of which was - will it even get off the ground? Well, not only did it get off the ground, but it was arguably one of the most fun filled rallies yet!

First of all, it got nicknamed "The Covid Cruise", and that was proudly printed on our Rally t-shirts and other Rally bling! By the time we got to Belhaven, about mile 135, the group had found its footing during a pool party and THEY WERE OFF!

I'll be honest - my biggest concern with this group was for my liver. My "Check Liver" light went off and continued to flash for the next seven weeks, until we arrived in Miami and I was able to - ahem - dry out!

With the rally now over, several of us found ourselves together yet again in No Name Harbor, waiting out a weather window for the Bahamas! The fun continues as the Ralliers plan their trips beyond the horizon. Right now, members of the group are spread out from the Keys to the Bahamas and up Florida’s west coast.

Over the next few days, I will be adding to this page, with photos and stories on this fabulous voyage - so stay tuned. In the meantime, you can always check out the Sail to the Sun Facebook page, here!

Should such an adventure as this one appeal to you - we're now busy preparing for the 2021 Sail to the Sun ICW Rally, planning for an even greater success.

In the meantime...if you're interested in joining us this fall, best to sign up now before all the spaces are taken!