Covid and the Sail to the Sun ICW Rally

Obviously, we're all concerned about our health given the nonstop media coverage of the covid virus. A lot of what you've been reading doesn't apply to what we're seeing on the water, and at marinas.

First, keep this in mind: you're probably far, far safer on the water in your boat than you would be anyplace else. That's because, being on your boat, you've effectively quarantined yourself. The difference is, on your boat is where you want to be, so you don't feel quarantined, or hemmed in, or restricted. You're out there doing what you want to do.

Secondly, by virtue of being on your boat, you're simply not regularly coming into contact with as many people as you would at home. You'll mostly be meeting fellow boaters at the marina, and the staff at the marinas you stop at. You won't be running into dozens, or hundreds, of random strangers as you would walking down the street, or going into the grocery store. The odds of you meeting up with a C-19 infected individual are simply not as great.

Thirdly - as we've been told, being outside is much better for you in terms of avoiding the virus.

In fact, your biggest risk is going shopping - and let's remember, that's something you'd be doing at home, so you're not taking a bigger risk by being on the boat. But it's possible to lower that risk even further.

How? Use the grocery store's online delivery service - Publix is a good one, as is Walmart - or use a service such as Instacart for contactless delivery. As you can see by the screenshot here, you get your choice of local stores and their entire variety of products. Not only that, but you also get pharmacies and pet stores, so Fido isn't forgotten.

Prices with Instacart will be a bit higher, but you're saving the cost of an Uber to the store and back, so you're likely to come out ahead pricewise. And if you're concern is the risk of being exposed, then the small extra cost is worth it. The Rally's entertainment director, Sailor Chris, uses Instacart. I've added onto his orders in the past rather than run into the store and it's really convenient.

In my opinion, and based on my experience these past five months, the risk of contracting covid while cruising is extremely low. It's certainly no higher than what it would be if you stayed home. Unless you've locked yourself in and refuse to see anyone, you're likely safer out here than back home. The lifestyle is simply a safer one.

What about the Bahamas? If that's your winter destination, they've had very little trouble with the virus and, barring something unexpected, will be open this winter for tourists. Here's what the Bahamas says, as of August 9, 2020.

The Bahamas, which is going through its second wave, has also put in place travel parameters for the protection of Bahamians, residents and tourists in the country, namely, by requiring all persons travelling to The Bahamas to have a COVID-19 Travel Visa and a negative RT-PCR COVID-19 test to enter The Bahamas.  Upon entry, all persons are required to undergo a mandatory 14-day period of quarantine.

So the question is - do I go, or not? Since you're safer out here than back home, (and you'll certainly enjoy better weather), the question should actually be - When do we leave?

If you have further questions about cruising and Covid, or about the Rally, hit me up using the contact form below and I'll get right back to you.